Research Phones when changing to an IP-VoIP PBX system

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Design and functionality of a phone plays a critical role in the buying decision. VoIP vendors such as Toshiba, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic and Samsung let customers select IP phones or digital phones. This is a major advantage, especially for businesses upgrading from a PBX to an IP-VoIP PBX as it might be possible to re-use their existing digital or analog phones with the new IP-VoIP PBX.

On the other hand, vendors such as Cisco, Adtran and ShoreTel offer only IP phones as part of their portfolio, though a customer can also connect analog phones to the IP-VoIP PBX by using analog telephone adapters.

For variety, Cisco and Mitel are the only two vendors that offer more than 25 different IP phone models – from simple single-line IP phones to multi-touch color LCD’s

NEC’s UT880 IP phones are also impressive offering full unified communications (UC) functionality geared for executive users. ShoreTel’s offer more than 15 ip phones models with similar functionality as other vendors.

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