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Accurate Teams with All the Top Suppliers to Bring You the Best Services Available. We shop for you, comparing all Suppliers.

Accurate works with the most reliable suppliers because we know happy customers are long term. A reliable supplier is one that offers a great service at a reasonable price, implements and supports that service well. Accurate suppliers offer Voice, Cloud, Hosted, Business Internet, Network Services and Managed Services.

Local Voice

We have lower cost for solutions for as few as (3) lines.

For companies that have an existing System and need a cost-effective solution for voice and data, purchasing PRI service (Primary Rate Interface) could be the right decision.
PRI is an advanced digital voice and data service. It divides a T1 digital signal into 24 voice channels, with 23 of those channels being used to place and receive phone calls, or carry data. The 24th channel cannot be used for placing or receiving calls, as it is used for providing voice features and also for providing signaling for the other 23 channels.


  • Customers can have up to 23 concurrent call paths per circuit, and can carry data too.
  • PRI supports an unlimited amount of DID’s, making it scalable for growing companies.
  • Each employee can have their own phone number.
  • The circuit is provisioned on a physical line, providing it with guaranteed bandwidth.
  • ISDN-PRI has been around forever, and is tried-and-true.
  • Unified Communications
  • SIP Trunks
  • Dedicated Long Distance

Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses Voice over Internet. Often this service is provided by a network service provider as part of an overall network solution. This type of solution provides a customer with the ultimate in flexibility as access to “seats” are typically purchased on a monthly basis and can scale up and down as needed.

Customers also are freed up from the PBX management business. The uptime and investment in keeping the solution running stays with the Hosting Provider.

Enterprise features are available for even small scale customers, giving them ability to purchase advanced solutions like Contact Center typical on a one off basis.

Benefits of Hosted

  • Small and Medium-Sized Business
  • Scalable and Money Saving
  • Long Distance
  • Work-from-Home Employees
  • Quick Setup and ease of Use
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Works with Existing Land lines and Mobile Phones
  • Get Local Phone Numbers
  • VoIP (Voice-over-IP)

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Security
  • Colocation
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Backup
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Servers
  • Managed Firewall

Business Internet

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Cable Internet
  • Ethernet Over DS1
  • International Dedicated Internet
  • Metro Fiber Ethernet
  • Satellite Internet
  • Business DSL
  • Ethernet Over Copper
  • T1 Internet

Network Solutions

  • MPLS Networks
  • Point to Point
  • Ethernet WAN
  • VPLS

Accurate Suppliers

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 corvisa  West IP Communications  YipTel  Massergy
 newcloud  Integra  reallinx  Lightpath
 Wow business  Spectrum Business  lightower  nitel
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