Mitel MiCollab


Mitel MiCollab v.8.0 Announcement

Improved Apple© Integration 

At Accurate Telecom, we want to ensure that your communications system is always performing at best-in-class standards to ensure continued reliability.

This is to inform you that Mitel® MiCollab® (Unified Communications and Collaboration) system will soon be seeing an important software update

MiCollab Release 8.0 introduces an important change to how MiCollab Mobile clients for iOS devices connect and communicate with changes to Apple© notification services that were announced as being introduced within their next major iOS release.

While Apple Inc. has not stated a firm release date or firm commitment on the changes, Mitel has taken a proactive approach with helping customers ensure their communications and collaboration are not disrupted when these changes are introduced by Apple.

What happens if MiCollab is not upgraded to Release 8.0?

In many scenarios, MiCollab and the mobile client for iOS devices will operate normally:

For example, each time a user actively select and open the MiCollab client on their iOS device MiCollab will be running actively in the foreground of the iOS device, therefore all connections would be established with all features/functions working normally, including notifications and presence.

However, when the MiCollab Mobile client is not actively open in the foreground or is placed into the background by the device, users would not be provided with notification of different MiCollab related aspects, including the following:

  • The MiCollab client will not be able to receive server notifications, such as IM chats, MiTeam notifications, and MiCollab incoming call details will not be displayed
  • Users will not be able to receive MiCollab softphone-based calls

Don’t Risk the Communications Effectiveness of Your Business

Don’t risk possible communications and connectivity interruptions due to changes in IOS based services.

Be sure to schedule an upgrade of your MiCollab server software to release 8.0 with Accurate Telecom before updating your Apple’s iOS software OR your users MiCollab Mobile client for iOS devices are updated to the R8 client before your MiCollab server software is.

Schedule Your Upgrade Today!*   

The purchase of the Mitel Annual Software Upgrade and Accurate Telecom’s Gold or Platinum Support Plans ensures access to the latest commercially released version of Mitel software as well as technical support services.* 

Please email to schedule your upgrade.

For those clients not currently covered, please email  to request a quote!

Purchasing Software Support keeps your system in compliance with the manufacturer, eligible to receive upgrades, technical support, and new feature notifications.

*Please note, your computer hardware must meet minimum operating specifications to receive the upgrade.  Should minimum computer specification not me met, charges may apply.

**Accurate Telecom labor charges may apply

Additional Updates

In addition to supporting APN services, enhancements added to MiCollab Release 8.0 will also provide your organization with many valuable new capabilities (and benefits), some of which include:

  • Reduced impact on mobile battery life – since the application does not need to run in the background continuously anymore, it will directly impact the life of the battery in a positive way and improve the run time of the mobile device before it needs to be charged again
  • Accepting MiCollab calls on the lock screen of iOS devices – users will be able to accept MiCollab softphone calls without first having to unlock their device
  • 2nd call handling on iOS devices – users already on a MiCollab softphone call will be able to decide how they want to manage the first call without the softphone call automatically being placed on hold when a second call is received
  • Call management via the native mobile phone app – users will be able to select contacts from their local phone book and call them using MiCollab, or enter a number within the native phone and call it using MiCollab
  • One-click integration for MiCollab audio and web conference meetings – users of Mitel’s 6900/6800 series phones will be able to access scheduled meetings with a push of a button on their phone via a new Meeting Center service
  • Enhanced presence of colleagues – users will be presented with presence details of colleagues that reflect their availability for calls and chats, as well as call presence details of those with offline clients
  • Ability to share content via any browser type – users will be able to share desktop and applications on all latest browsers types when using their MiCollab Audio and Web Conference Web client
  • Microsoft© Outlook® contact card integration – users will be able to view presence details and establish calls and chats with colleagues via their Outlook contact cards